Course / Dates:

27 February 2020
28 February 2020

Development of sellings through building of a system of economic benefits for producers and pharmacies

Day 1. Seminar “Pharmacy as business system”
Pharmacy as business system. – Competition model in Russian pharmacy market. – Basic components which determine pharmacy chain profitability. – Connection between pricing processes and assortment strategy. – How to build assortment providing maximum income for a pharmacy? – Which indicators should be used for this goal? -  Marketing methods for increase of pharmacy assortment profitability. – Prioritization: which commodity groups and products to develop for increas of a company profitability. – Basic mistakes in pricing. Case Studies.

Day 2. Seminar “Promotion methods for OTC drugs in pharmacies”
Schemes of decision making in pharmacy chains. – Profitability of a medicine and market share. – Methods for implementation in pharmacies priority recommendations. – Methods for increase of medicine profitability for pharmacy chain. -  Method for growth pharmacy selling of popular medicines. – Methods for growth pharmacy selling of little-known medicines. – Opportunities of category management use and pricing in pharmacies for selling growth of promoted products. – Basic indicators showing pricing efficiency. -  How to fight with Own trade marks? -  Strengths and weaknesses of Own trade marks. Case studies.


Pavel Lisowsky

Managing partner of the company «Development of executive systems»