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Open courses/seminars


Open courses/seminars is  an educational  configuration which gives access to topical professional knowledge for a wide audience without limitations based on a company, a city or a country. This educational configuration contains accumulated theoretical base and thematic Case studies for training of professional skills. In addition open courses' system is quite flexible and participants can suggest their own problems to be discussed with a trainer.

Audience for open courses/seminars is formed of participants who have similar experience or professional development. Participants' group can not contain more than 15 people. This limitation serves for more efficient level of interaction between an author of a course/seminar and a group during a training.


Corporative training

A corporative training is efficient tool for promising staff' development in conditions of severe limitations related to time of coaching and expenses. In addition to professional development a corporative training chases generalization of accumulated knowledge by a company -client and building of efficient communications in a team.

In terms of a  corporative training course program will be adapted to a company  task. Case studies of the training will correspond to a customer task and they will help to build final product for being used in future work of participants.

Audience for a corporative training is formed of participants who have similar experience and it can not contain more than 15 people.