Our concept

We think that now it is time when companies shift from solving of short-term business tasks to systematic development of own basic competitive advantage, which is top level staff. Only well-considered organization of marketing structure, clear definition of business KPIs and highly-developed system of business intelligence which are being coordinated by system of constant professional development would bring success!


Starting from 2012 The School of Pharmaceutical Marketing offers program of systematic long-term development for most valuable and highly promising staff of our clients.

Highly qualified trainers will do the following in terms of 1-2 year contracts:

  • assess theoretical and practical skills of marketing professionals who are  going to grow in marketing area and  analytics;
  • prepare map of professional zones for further professional development  in cooperation with companies-clients; 
  • design 1-2 year individual training program  for staff integrated in teaching program of  The School of Pharmaceutical Marketing; 
  • audit of received knowledge basis and giving recommendations related to further professional promotion.