Who are we?

Highly competitive environment of the pharmaceutical business causes that almost every international or local pharmaceutical company needs experts who perfectly know laws of dynamic developing market and able to build efficient strategy within conditions demanding decrease of costs.

Educational project “School of Pharmaceutical Marketing” is intended for training of highly promising staff. It is founded and maintained by efforts of leading experts of the pharmaceutical market.

School of Pharmaceutical Marketing combines:

  • modern marketing methodology and accumulated experience of leading industry experts;
  • building of individual development program based on an assessment of theoretical and practical skills of marketing specialists and definition of professional zones for further professional development;
  • trainings which contain accumulated theoretical base and practical Case studies for professional progress;
  • adaptation of individual training program for staff in correspondence with needs of a company-client.

School of Pharmaceutical Marketing is presented by two blocks of courses divided by  proficiency levels of managers.

The educational program contains Fundamentals for managers with 0 - 2 years in the business and Specialization for managers with more than 2 year experience.